Regional Training

FS Solutions Regional Training

Our five-day regional training curriculum includes classroom and hands-on instruction on subjects ranging from industrial vacuum technology, water blasting and hydroexcavation. Classes are held in a comfortable classroom setting for the knowledge portion of the training, while actual use of material learned will be conducted either on an FS Solutions simulator, client-owned equipment or classroom simulations as appropriate. Students attending classes must have appropriate work and safety gear for any hands-on equipment instruction.


Industrial Vacuuming of Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Dusts

An introduction to industrial vacuum trucks, followed by an in-depth analysis of how air movers and liquid vacuum trucks load materials and the air paths through the units. Guzzler pneumatic vacuum loaders will be examined with comparisons of the similarities and differences between 'Classic' pneumatic loaders and liquid ring units.

Training reviews vacuum considerations for flammables and combustibles, as well as the regulatory requirements of OSHA and the American Petroleum Institute (API 2219). Chemical Safety Board (CSB) case studies will also be examined.

Discussions cover safety considerations for each unit style, as well as available print and online resources.


Confined Space Competent Person and Tank Cleaning Fundamentals

A detailed look at permit-required confined spaces and confined space supervisory responsibilities under OSHA. Topics include:

  • Confined space hazards
  • Tank ventilation
  • Atmosphere sampling
  • Communication methods
  • Specialty tools and methods for tank cleaning
  • Special considerations

Time will be allowed to cover student’s examples from their workplace.


Trenching and Excavation Competent Person, Hydroexcavation, Safety and Productivity

A detailed look at OSHA’s Trenching and Excavation Standard, covering:

  • Soil mechanics
  • Soil classification
  • Soils testing
  • Sloping and benching
  • Shoring and protective systems
  • Safety hazards
  • Requirements of the standard and duties of the competent person

Hydroexcavation will cover:

  • Benefits of hydroexcavation
  • Safety hazards unique to hydroexcavation
  • Proper operations
  • Identifying and preserving underground utilities
  • Means of maximizing productivity with the units
  • Vacuum excavation


Shutdown and Project Planning and Management Workshop

The advanced supervisor skills training is designed to take current frontline supervisor to the next level of field management. Topics include:

  • Outage planning
  • Equipment and manpower utilization
  • Tracking outage tasks
  • Shift turnovers
  • Outage pre-planning
  • Outage staging
  • Managing timelines


Advanced Water Blast Issues, Including Automated Tools and Tip/Lance Sizing

This class includes the “Advanced Water Blast Technician Skills” agenda plus additional material focusing on bringing maximum effective horsepower of your water blaster to bear on your cleaning task. Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Effective cleaning pressures
  • Maximizing flow
  • Calculating pressure loss
  • Tip design
  • Gathering of critical information through manipulation of the horsepower formula

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