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Gatto RC Mini Excavator

Tracked Mini Robot Excavator with hydraulic arm and optional suction hose, for removing hazardous material.

Product Overview

The Gatto RC Mini Excavator is a multifunctional and innovative Mini Excavator suitable for both construction and remediation activities. The remote controlled excavator is ideal for No-Man-Entry operations, working in confined spaces and contaminations areas. It is an innovated solution for safer operation at an even safe distance. The Gatto is equipped with a Suction Configuration, which can be connected to any Suction Unit (Vacuum Truck, Suction Excavator, Industrial Pumps).


Mini Robot Excavators are designed according to the specific characteristics of the work environments and of the materials to remove.

The Gatto RC Mini Excavator is ideal for:

  • Live conveyors
  • No man entry
  • Hazardous environments

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