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E-Track 350

Electric and remote controlled tracked platform for customized Mini Robot Excavators

Product Overview

Designed with respect of the environment and of the safety of the operators, E-Tracks represent the range of electric and totally battery powered Mini Excavators . It is designed to cope with difficult ground conditions and it is extremely effective in building sites, underground tunnels and in places where tracked traction and zero emission are essential. Composed of an electric platform, which is the base of the machine, they are configured for material suction or movement, connecting them to Suction Excavators, Vacuum Trucks, Industrial Aspirators or Dust Aspirators.The silent platform, is radio-controlled and moves thanks to two stable rubber tracks, suitable to face the hardest soil conditions, such as sloped, sandy and muddy soil, confined spaces and low-manoeuvrability areas.


Mini Robot Excavators are designed according to the specific characteristics of the work environments and of the materials to remove.

The E-Track is ideal for:

  • Confined spaces
  • Live conveyors
  • No man entry
  • Pipes and culverts

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