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RC Dozer

Mini radio controlled dozer for moving heavy material in difficult and inaccessible places

Product Overview

The Dozer RC is a great solution for moving and removing materials in difficult to reach places, because of their small height from the ground. Perfect for working in dangerous and confined spaces, Dozer RC is mainly used in mines, pot lines cleaning, tanks and in areas under conveyor belts. This excavator is completely remote controlled and can be operated at a safe distance from the operator when working in high-risk work environments. The hand remote control gives the loader good manoeuvrability, guaranteeing safety at every stage.


Mini Robot Excavators are designed according to the specific characteristics of the work environments and of the materials to remove.

The RC Dozer is ideal for:

  • Confined spaces
  • Live conveyors
  • No man entry
  • Pipes and culverts

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