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Automated Mini Excavators

Hands-free vacuum control technology for use in industrial and environmental cleaning.


Gerotto Federico S.r.l.

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is a pioneer of hands-free vacuum control technology for use in industrial and environmental cleaning. Their series of Mini Excavators and Tracks are designed to eliminate and replace the human presence during cleaning operations, keeping men at a safe distance and ensuring a safe suction cleaning activity. These Mini Robot Excavators are designed according to the specific characteristics of the work environments and of the materials to remove.


  • Mini robot for remote hose end control
  • Many different head configurations and designs available to meet your application needs
  • Eliminates Operator Risk
  • Safe Operations in Confined Spaces
  • Eliminates the need for confined space permitting
  • Safe cleaning operation without the need of plant stoppage
  • Operator works in safe areas at a safe distance
  • Compact size and track drive system can easily access tight or otherwise inaccessible locations
  • Hydraulic or electric drive systems available
  • Exclusively available from FS Solutions nationwide locations
fss lombrico

Product Line

RC Dozer: Ideal for remediation of tanks and cleaning under conveyor belts.

E-Track 350: Ideal for working in closed off spaces.

Self-Loading E-Track: Ideal for confined spaces application

Gatto RC: Ideal for confined spaces, underground tunnels and drain pipes.

Lombrico XXS & S: Ideal for aspiration in sewer pipes and confined spaces.


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